The Shadows
Onwards to the Final Tour(s)

§§  On Saturday December 01st, 1990 at the "Mayflower" theatre in Southampton, The Shadows appeared in what was to be their last concert together for many years to come.  From that point, the huge collective talents of our heroes were to be separately applied, as they persued their individual careers on into the new millenium.  Fans were not daring to predict a Shads reunion.  §§

Bruce "Rocky" Welch  Hank B. "Rolly" Marvin
"... fairytales are supposed to have a happy ending ..."
Johnno says ... Unfortunately this one looked like being the exception to the rule!

But not on your life!

Final Tour logo

The old "Firm" was ready to do the business again .....
The Shadows - "The Final Tour"
37 Concerts - April 30th to June 14th, 2004

Finally Bruce
Bruce Welch
Finally Hank
Hank Marvin
Finally Brian
Brian Bennett

Hank and Bruce back together again at The Birmingham Symphony Hall - Monday May 31st, 2004
Back together again on stage once again .....
Cliff appears with The Shadows at The London Palladium - Monday June 14th, 2004
Guess who was at The Palladium for the "Final" Concert ??

Bruce, Welch, Hank B. Marvin, Sir Cliff Richard, Brian Bennett
Bruce Welch, Hank B. Marvin, Sir Cliff Richard and Brian Bennett
and the shadows

It was "on the road again" in 2005 to appease European fans
The Shadows - The European Encore or "Final Tour"
27 Concerts - April 13th to May 15th, 2005

The Shadows are about to play in the Kaplakriki Sports Hall, Reykjavik (Iceland) - Thursday May 5th, 2005
The show is about to begin at the Kaplakriki Sports Hall in Reykjavik, Iceland
Newspaper Advertisement for The Shadows to play at the Kaplakriki Sports Hall, Reykjavik (Iceland)
Icelandic newspaper advertisment

In Iceland it seems that it is quite normal to leave one's seat and walk out to the toilet or to buy a beer or whatever IN THE MIDDLE of a concert.  This phenomenon obviously appeared to fascinate and amuse Bruce, who was ultimately sufficiently motivated to ask the tongue-in-cheek question "is this a sponsored walk ..... ????"

The magnificent Birmingham "National Indoor Arena" - venue for two "Encore" concerts - Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May, 2005
The magnificent Birmingham "NIA"
..... venue for the two "Encore" Concerts
The Shadows play for the last time at the NIA, Birmingham - Sunday May 15th, 2005
The Shadows perform together for the (supposedly) last time
at the National Indoor Arena, Birmingham

To be continued .... (we all hope !)

And our hopes were not in vain ...

The Final Reunion - The DVD
The Final Reunion Tour - DVD artwork
Cliff and The Shadows on stage at the London O2 Arena
Cliff Richard - The Final Reunion Tour Opening Night Cliff Richard and The Shadows -- Reunited Cliff Richard - The Final Reunion Tour Opening Night

Cliff Richard and The Shadows -- The Final Reunion - Together Again

New Zealand Itinerary for 2010 Tour

Auckland (Vector Arena)   Wednesday, February 24th
Auckland (Vector Arena)   Thursday, February 25th

New Plymouth (Bowl of Brooklands)   Saturday, February 27th

Christchurch (Westpac Stadium)   Monday, March 01st
Christchurch (Westpac Stadium)   Tuesday, March 02nd
Those Wonderful Shadows Those Wonderful Shadows - and endless fascination .... just an endless fascination
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